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"The world needs to hear a lot less from the mainstream media and a lot more from rabble.ca" ~ Linda McQuiag.

Have you heard? rabble just turned 15! This is an important milestone for the left and a great occasion to support independent media in Canada.

rabble is non-profit, progressive, reader-supported journalism. We need to make this model of news reporting viable in Canada. Help counter corporate media and consider donating to rabble. Think of it as a voluntary subscription.

Now is the time to become a supporter of rabble.ca. They have a special offer right now for anyone who makes a $15/month donation to receive their 15th anniversary edition of the best of rabble and your choice of either Lawrence Hill's critically-acclaimed book The Illegal or Michael Moore's new documentary Where to Invade Next? Just go to http://rabble.ca/donate to find out more about the campaign and make a donation.

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