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"The world needs to hear a lot less from the mainstream media and a lot more from rabble.ca" ~ Linda McQuiag.

I'm a fan of rabble.ca and am writing to urge you to join me in supporting rabble for their annual supporter drive. Just go to www.rabble.ca/donate and in a few short minutes you can make your donation and promote important work.

For more than 13 years rabble.ca has been the place in Canada to bring together the stories of social movements, the perspectives of activists, and the voices calling for change. rabble focuses special attention on democracy movements and we need to hear those stories.

rabble.ca brings together professional and citizen journalists and provides "news for the rest of us" - but they need our help to do it. The reality is that rabble has only hundreds of people who are paid supporters of rabble, donating at least $5/month. I'm proud to be on that list, but they need thousands more.

Please consider joining me and become a supporter of rabble today. https://secure.rabble.ca/donate.

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